Opening of criminal proceedings and beginning an investigation of excess of power or personal authority by law enforcement officers

The article deals with the features of the opening of criminal proceedings and the beginning of an investigation of excess of power or official authority by law enforcement officers. It is noted that a well­structured model of the periodization of pre­trial investigation stages, the determination of which is influenced by the investigation situations and the corresponding procedural decisions taken by the participants in the criminal proceedings, facilitates the successful solution of the organizational and tactical tasks of the investigation and the optimal determination of the directions of the investigator's activity. It is shown that the procedure for opening criminal proceedings provided for by the current Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine is different from the CPC of 1960. The expediency of distinguishing the opening of criminal proceedings in a separate stage of pre-trial investigation has been proved. The algorithms of actions of the investigator at the beginning of pre-trial investigation of the specified category of criminal offenses are proposed depending on the starting situations that arise