Requirements to judgment rationale on the example of judgment of kyiv economic court of appeal

Justice in civil cases is carried out through their consideration and resolution by judicial procedure. Therefore, this question is central in the study within the framework of procedural law science. The main purpose of the work is to analyze the requirements for judgment rationale using theexample of judicial act of the Kyiv Economic Court of Appeal. To achieve this goal, methods have been used that have made it possible to study the raised question from various angles. Using the methods of comparison and analysis, the court judgments were studied and the corresponding conclusions were drawn. The author found the flimsy conclusions of the court. The complexity in the enforcement of Article 216 of the Civil Code of Ukraine regarding Article 1212 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is fixed. The legal significance of court judgment lies in the fact that with its adoption a substantive dispute is resolved, relations between the parties acquire signs of certainty and stability, which contributes to the normal fulfillment of the obligations by the parties and the exercise of their subjective civil rights.