Influence of criminality on providing social security

The influence of criminality on providing social security in Ukraine is examined. The analysis of the main social and economic indicators gave us the possibility to make propositions related to reforming the approach to evaluate the level of the law enforcement system’s activities. The legal, organizational and management factors, which has influenced the crime level within the last three years, are examined. After the analysis of the cases considered by the European Court on Human Rights it has been proved that the National Preventive should become an effective mean aimed at improving the situation in that sphere. That Mechanism envisages the mechanism of carrying out the monitoring visits to custody and the authorized officials’ activities in response to the detected system problems, deficiencies and lack of the resource supply, in particular the financing and staff recruiting at those places, where persons are deprived of their liberty. The draft Law of Ukraine «On preventive and compensation means related to the tortures, inhumane behavior or punishment, or such one, which humiliates the human dignity of inmates and detainees, and on establishing the penitentiary judges institute» contains the clear grounding of the expected positive result, but is still under consideration. Some normative and legal acts’ negative influence on the crime level is proved. Those acts had neither broad discussion nor the stage-by-stage scientific examination. The scientific and research institutions’ conclusions concerning those acts were not available. The problem elements, which need the urgent efficient mechanisms, are determined. Implementation of the corresponding mechanisms would give the possibility to improve the state of social security.