Ecology, economy, digitalization: legal problems of interaction

The article examines the legal problems of digitalization in the field of ecology in relation to the relevant processes in the economic sphere. The main guideline for the effectiveness of this activity is to ensure the sustainable development of society. Using a number of scientific research methods (dialectical, formal-logical, synergetic, system analysis, forecasting, etc.) it  is proved that digitalization in the field of environmental protection is associated with the need to solve problems of institutional, infrastructural, ecosystem, automation nature. At the same time, the role of the legal factor here is decisive. Factors of digitalization should be reflected in strategic, forecasting, program, political documents, as well as in legal acts of current legislation. Emphasis is placed on the main problematic aspects of legal protection of the environment, where digitalization will be able to provide a significant economic effect. These are, first of all, ecological monitoring, state accounting of objects and substances that have a harmful effect on the environment, maintenance of inventories of natural resources and some others. Prospects for the introduction of digitalization in the regulation of environmental relations in terms of industrial branches, in particular in the forestry industry, are analyzed. Emphasizing the benefits of digitalization, however, one should not neglect some of the negative sides of digitalization of the environmental sphere. In particular, there is a significant increase in energy consumption in the implementation of digitalization, which in turn generates an increase in CO2 emissions and accelerates the negative climate change.It is emphasized that the greatest threats to digitalization are cybercrime and the related problem of protecting cyberspace from encroachment and other types of interference. There is a need at the state level to develop legal mechanisms for state regulation of digitalization, taking into account cybersecurity. Amendments to the current legislation of Ukraine are proposed, which should ensure the social orientation of digitalization, including the spheres of economy and environmental protection.

Doi: 10.31359/jnalsu.29(2).2022.238-260