Ethical Lawyer or Moral Computer – Historical and Contemporary Discourse on Incredulity between the Human and a Machine

Contemporary society is largely influenced by the digital revolution. Modern computer technology contributes to our everyday existence, yet in a way simultaneously directs our lives. The penetration of digital solutions has gone far beyond merely providing assistance;somewhat unexpectedly, its impingement hasreached even to most humane spheres, such as justice. Could, for instance, the entire procedure oflegal decision-making be automated? A few decades ago, this question would have seemed completelyill-suited. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that the situation today has transformed drastically. Bearing these aspects in mind, given article observes how humankind has come to this point of digitalisation, while further attempting to pinpoint the potential threats related to automatisation of justice. However, the article does not refer back to the years to the Antikythera mechanism1, as little is known about its construction; thus it will be confined by the developments of the last centuries, leading up to the present moment.