Legal Facts in the Mechanism of Civil-legal Obligations Regulation

Legal facts investigated the mechanism of regulation binding relationship. Attention is paid that under its legal nature legal fact should be viewed through the theory of double integral to their legal nature, particularly through the interconnected and interdependent phenomena, namely the specific situation of the validity and legal structure, which is reflected in the system of legislation and / or other social controls. Grounded mentioned legal preconditions for the formation of legal facts. It is noted that circumstance as a legal fact of reality is not sustainable, it requires legal assessment and in view of its formation, for determining the content of the rights and obligations binding relationship.The attention that the legal facts – the phenomenon is not stable, they always depend on a number of other circumstances, jurisprudence, primarily determines the social and legal mechanism of lawful legal facts in order to indicate the pattern formation of the facts, the stability of their expression, etc. The above should be considered as a concept in improving regulation and law-making process and the application of the law including a binding relationship.