Legal document: features and legislative regulation

In a society constantly creates and operates a large number of different form and content of documents. From workflow depends on the efficiency of institutions, enterprises and firms. That is why it is important to study legal documents both scientific and practical points of view. First of all, it is a study of the functional relationships of legal documents with other means of legal regulation that will help resolve many disputes decision and action legal documents, specification of the functional purpose of different types of legal documents. Legal information may be limited to official documents: texts of laws and regulations, court decisions different instances, with or without such comments. This information may also consist of lighting system management in the field of positive law by sector, by type of cases or on specific institutions or issues. Most lawyer have to go at once to all types of primary sources. It uses codes, guides, official reviews or reviews developments in the private sector, general or
special character. He studied the work of theorists and practitioners, publications in large volume or collections of established forms and sample documents. Document – recorded on a physical medium the information is valid, is the main proof of a fact in dispute resolution in the courts. All procedural documents by type of information can be divided into two groups. The first section includes documents containing evidence and information necessary for a complete, thorough and objective consideration of the case. The second group includes documents created by the competent authorities in the exercise of its activity after hearing. A large number of documents, which forms a significant amount of information, necessitate the formation of legal methods of processing information. In today’s world an important role in deciding whether computer perform information processing technologies to generate a database of legal documents. Legal document – recorded on a physical medium disclaimer that legally binding, is the main proof of a fact. Current legislation provides clear requirements for the form and content of legal documents, specific types used in a particular case. Legal documents by type of information can be divided into those that contain information and evidence necessary for a complete, thorough and objective consideration of the case and those established by the competent authorities in the exercise of its activity after hearing.