General provisions on succession in the civil law of Ukraine

The adoption of a number of procedural legislative acts of Ukraine established new rules of procedures, the main of which are fair, impartial and timely consideration and resolution of civil cases in order to protect violated, unrecognized or disputed rights, freedoms or interests of individuals, rights and interests of legal entities and interests of the state. Therefore, the main goal of the work is to determine the general provisions on succession in the civil law of Ukraine. To achieve this goal, there was used a number of theoretical methods including analysis, synthesis, generalization, concretization and comparison. It is established that the term “succession” does not reflect the content of legal processes that occur when changing the subjective composition of civil legal relations and it is methodologically incorrect. Thus, the object of civil legal relations is not only property in conjunction with its relevant rights and obligations, but also property rights as objects of the intangible world