Legislative bodies of Ukraine during the New Economic Policy

In the 1920s three-tier system of higher legislative bodies functioned in the UkrSSR, namely the Ukrainian Congress of Workers’, Peasants’ and Soldiers’ Deputies, the Ukrainian Central Executive Committee (Ukrainian: ВУЦИК – VUT sIK), the Presidency of VUT sIK. The legal status of these bodies in the analyzed period was determined by the USSR Constitution 1919, the same Constitution in edition 1925, the USSR Constitution 1929 and some other legal acts. Ukrainian Congress of Soviets occupied a leading place among the central authorities of the republic. Analysis of practical activity of Ukrainian Congress during the NEP period testified that the Congress has adopted a number of legal normative acts. So IX Congress of Soviets
(1925) adopted a resolution «On amending Constitution of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic». XI Ukrainian Congress of Soviets (1929) adopted the Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR in 1929.Ukrainian Congress of Soviets took some other important normative acts. In general, the number of acts adopted by the Ukrainian Congress of Soviets was small. This is due to the fact that the Republican Congress of Soviets acted primarily as a general policy of the Ukrainian SSR state body. Is why most of adopted by the UkrSSR Congress of Soviets acts were called resolutions or decisions. Based on these acts content they should be considered as legal non-regulatory policy instruments. These legal acts contain provisions which define the program
of activities of governing bodies of the UkrSSR after the congress, including in the field of law-making. Ukrainian Central Election Committee legislated in the country in the period between meetings of Ukrainian Congress of Soviets. Its members were elected by the Congress of Soviets of the UkrSSR coincident convocation. Legislative powers of VUT sIK carried them during the breakout sessions, which were of a periodic nature. Analysis of VUT sIK activities gives grounds to assert that the legislation took quite a significant place in it’s work. In this case, the codes of the UkrSSR occupied the central place among legal acts adopted during the VUT sIK sessions. So, UCEC adopted Labor Code of the Ukrainian SSR, the Land Code of the Ukrainian SSR, Code of the Education of the Ukrainian SSR, the Family Code of the Ukrainian SSR, the Forced Labor Code of the Ukrainian SSR. VUT sIK carried out legislative powers also in the form of approval during sessions legislative acts, adopted by the Presidency of VUT sIK during the intersessional period. An important form of exercising VUT sIK its competence was administrative, policy making (top management). Legal expression of VUT sIK’s top management activity were the acts, which
were often called the resolutions, decisions. It was a non-normative legal acts of prescriptive. Following legislative body after VUT sIK was Presidency of VUT sIK. Its members were elected by each new composition of the Ukrainian Central Executive Committee. Legislative activities of the Predisency of VUT SIK was quite eventful. During the period of the New Economic Policy (1921–1929) as a result of functioning of the three-tier system of the UkrSSR legislative bodies an extensive legislative framework for effective governmental, economic, social and cultural development in Ukraine was established.