Legal entities' crime prevention: Foreign experience and prospects of application in Ukraine

The relevance of the problem under study lies in the fact that crime among legal entities is currently increasing in the countries of the world. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous, because corporate crime is associated with the commission of economic crimes – the legalisation of illegally obtained income and corruption, both of which negatively affect the economy of an individual state and the global economy. To prevent crime among legal entities, governments of countries need to take measures aimed at countering corporate crime, take advantage of technological advance in detecting and preventing offences among legal entities. The purpose of this study is to identify the features of measures to prevent corporate crime in foreign countries, to analyse the prospects for applying the experience of other states in developing their effective counteraction measures. Innovative approaches and methods that will increase the effectiveness of measures to combat corporate crime were also proposed. The leading methods employed in this study are theoretical: the study of scientific literature, as well as regulatory documents to clarify the state of the problem under study. Analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalisation, and modelling were used, which allowed describing the terminology. Furthermore, the system method, dialectical, and historical analysis methods were used in the study of regulations, also including such special methods as the method of legal interpretation, the method of legal forecasting. The result of the present paper is the identification of the importance of corporate crime prevention, effective measures that are applied to legal entities to detect and prevent corporate crime. As a result of this study, possible measures aimed at preventing corporate crime were proposed, considering the positive experience of foreign countries. Having analysed the state of corporate crime in other countries of the world, the authors conclude that Ukraine should implement measures to prevent crimes among legal entities to reduce the number of offences and increase the level of the national economy 

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.28(3).2021.301-310