Realization by the Married Couples of Right of General Joint Ownership

In the article the problems of realization are investigated by the married couples of right of general joint ownership on the property, used in entrepreneurial activity by the subjects of management of different organizational forms and kinds – private enterprise, economic society, physical person-businessman, and also question about confession invalid agreements on disposing of property belonging to the husband and wife onthe right of general joint ownership, prisoners one of themarried couples without a consent other. Drawn conclusion that the property passed to one of the married couples in the charter capital of the private enterprise created by him belongs to the indicated enterprise on the right of private ownership. The private enterprise founded by one of the married couples, can not be confessed the separate object of right of general joint ownership of the married couples. Realization of right of general joint ownership of the married couples must take place in accordance with the requirements of item 65 FК of Ukraine, but not item 369 CК of Ukraine, and that is why judicial practice in matters about confession invalid agreements, prisoners one of the married couples without a consent other, requires a coercion in accordance with positions of domestic legislation. In addition, it is expedient in the legislative order to expose maintenance of concept of agreement with valuable property.