Human life and health as an object of environmental law in the globalised world

The article examines the issues of legal protection of human life and health in the latest globalisation processes, which have covered all spheres of political, economic, financial, social, geographical and cultural life and are becoming a basic factor of humanity on the planet. These processes set new trends in the ecological development of the state, redefine the problems of environmental security due to the changing nature of the challenges and threats facing humanity. The unfavourable state of the environment and the need to ensure environmental safety require the adoption of adequate legal, organisational and other measures. It is believed that in these conditions a human, his life and health should be at the centre of the mechanism of legal regulation of protection and defence, environmental safety, especially the establishment of the legal status of citizens affected by the negative consequences of environmental danger and guarantees of such citizens. The state has a number of obligations to human to create conditions for his “environmental comfort”. Such obligations should be reflected in the environmental legislation of the respective states. Recently, urban areas have been becoming threatening, the uncontrolled expansion of which inevitably leads to disruption of the normal functioning of the biogeotic cover of the planet, and consequently – a negative impact on health and life of mankind and especially that part of it living in large cities or other cities. It turns out that the general unfavourable state of the environment makes new demands on environmental security, which in the context of globalisation and internalisation of environmental problems is becoming a dominant factor in global security, as the environmental situation worsens, requiring effective policies to improve it

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(1).2020.189-200