The Value of the Definition «Civil Circulation» in the Jurisprudence

The article explores the meaning of «civil circulation» for the jurisprudence. The author notes that it allows you to outline the boundaries of its usage. In the educational process, the definition of civil circulation will let you not only to form an idea of the events, which are indicated by the words «civil circulation», but also to understand the concept of the Calculability of objects and their types. For the law enforcement the concept, will create the conditions for the effective protection of the violated rights, settlement of disputes, the interpretation of the rules and dealership, eliminating doubts of existence and accessary of rights and obligations. That is why the court have to understand what the civil transactions means, in order to understand how it will be carried out the decision to withdraw from the civil circulation materials and tools that have been used for the manufacturing of goods with violation of intellectual property rights. If the civil circulation – it is all of the civil relations, then the withdrawal from
the civil circulation should be understood as the withdrawal of materials and tools of the regime of civil rights objects. If it is only the obligation, the withdrawal from the civil circulation should be understood as the immobilization of the object. Such benefits cannot be alienated, transferred from one person to another, but will continue to belong to the person to whom they belonged. In this case, the materials and equipment cease to be the objects of civil circulation, however, remains the objects of the absolute property of legal entities, such as property rights. However, the authorized person can continue their further usage. If the civil circulation – a set of dealership, then the removal of objects from it only limit the possibility of making transactions
in respect of them. But the latter will be able to be alienated or transferred from one person to another on the basis of other legal facts.