The Value of Justice in the Legal Regulation of Labor Relations

Timeliness of the topic. D uring the formation of Ukraine as an independent state, labor law system has been radically changed (significant amount of new legislation has been adopted, a number of important international agreements has been ratified). However, despite the very serious work, the problem of respect for labor rights remains one of the most pressing. In this light, the principle of justice in the legal regulation of labor relations takes special significance and important role. State study. Analysis of such categories as «justice» repeatedly attracted the attention of scientists. Among them such scholars as D. A . E rmolenko, S. A . Ivanova, A. Z . Pankevych, S. M . Prylypko, A. I. Protsevskyy, K. L. T omaszewskiy, Yu. V . C hertkova, L. P. Shumna, O. M . Y aroshenko and others. The aim of the article is to study the principle of justice in the legal regulation of labor relations, that involves clarifying its essence and definition of its place among the other principles of labor relations.Topical’s main body. The idea of justice permeates all of society fields, but the most vivid expression it gets in the law, that regulates the most important social relations. Thanks to the law, moral phenomenas acquires the force of law. The law must be fair. One of the main manifestations of the rule of law is that the right is not limited by laws as one of its forms, it also includes other social regulators, including morality, traditions, customs, etc., that accepted by society and caused by historically achieved cultural level of society. Justice reflects the socio-economic relations that exist in a pointed society. This is a complex phenomenon that is the basis of interaction between politics, morals, economics and law. Justice ensure the use of social relationships.
Conclusions. The main tasks of modern labor law is recognize and develope the system of labor rights and freedoms, and establish effective state guarantees of their realization and protection. But existing labor legislation of Ukraine does not provide an optimal interests’ balance of the labor contract parties and does not encourage employers to civilized labor relations with economically weaker party of labor relationship – employee. The key to solve this problem is to create an effective legal mechanism for implementation and protection of labor rights. And the ground of it should be legal norm that will enact that rule-making and enforcement activity in the labor field should be based on the principle of social justice.