Value of protection of workers labor rights in the formation of the legal state

This article examines theoretical approaches to the nature and importance of protection of labor rights, defined its important role in law state. The author has provided definitions of the studied concepts like «right to protection», «forms of protection of workers labor rights», «means of protection of workers labor rights». The author observes that the protection of labor rights can actually be realized only with the legal establishment of the right to protection of law, that it is securely attached to a particular
legal norm of a particular legal act. Employee’s right to protect their labor rights is a legal opportunity to use the employee to protect their labor rights established in legal acts of enforcement action or consult the relevant competent national or international bodies, institutions, and individuals to further their right to protection in order to restore disturbed labor rights. Outlined that under the forms of protection of workers labor rights should be considered as legal complex of special legal procedures that can make law enforcement and human rights agencies (institutions, individuals), and directly relevant staff within the human rights process, aimed at the restoration of disturbed real labor rights and further provided valid regulatory acts of adequate compensation for violations of the material, moral or organizational-legal character. It is concluded that the legal regulation of means of protection of workers labor rights in conditions of Ukraine as the law state is in good enough conditions, but needs improvement, amendments and reforms to strengthen the inviolability of workers labor rights in practice. Protection of workers labor rights is an important part of democratic, legal and social society, which tends to be Ukraine.