The editorial board of the journal “Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine” is governed in its work by international ethical rules for scientific publications which include the rules of decency, confidentiality, monitoring of publications, tracking possible conflicts of interests, etc. In its activity the editorial board follows the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics and, particularly, "Publishing Ethics Resource Kit" issued by Elsevier.


The editors of the journal shall assess the intellectual meaning of the manuscripts regardless of the authors’ race, sex, sexual identity, religious beliefs, origin, citizenship or political choices. Any manuscript received for peer-reviewing shall be treated as a confidential document. An editor and editorial board are obliged to withhold information about the received manuscripts from everybody except for authors, peer-reviewers, possible peer-reviewers, other scientific consultants and publisher unless necessary. Those who receive the manuscripts are obliged not to use unpublished data from manuscripts presented for consideration in their own research without the author’s written permission. Editors, peer-reviewers and scientific advisers shall be obliged to withdraw their names for reviewing of manuscripts subject to conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, joint or other interactions and relations with authors, companies and, probably, other organisations related to the manuscript. The editorial board shall be obliged to take relevant appropriate measures in case of ethical claims relating to the reviewed manuscripts or published materials.


The authors of the articles shall provide consistent results of the work performed and objective discussion of the research value. The authors shall provide upon editor’s request all the data concerning the manuscript. The authors shall present their own, new (unpublished in other issues) original paper together with relevant references or excerpts subject to the use of papers or statements of other authors. Plagiarism in all its forms is unethical action and unacceptable. The authors are obliged to submit the article for consideration to the ‘Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine’ only. Submission of the same manuscript to more than one journal at a time shall be deemed unethical action and cause withdrawal of the articles. In case of detecting substantial errors or inaccuracy by the author, the author shall inform the editor of the journal on this matter and cooperate with him/her in order to exempt the publication or correct mistakes as soon as possible. If editor was informed by a third party about the substantial mistakes in the publication, the author shall exempt the work or correct mistakes as soon as possible.