The legal publication was established in 1993 by the Presidium of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and was published by the Osnova Publishing House. The journal was then called “Journal of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine”. 72 issues of the journal were published under this title. The editor-in-chief of the Journal was V.Ya. Tatsii, deputy editor-in-chief – M.V. Tsvik, executive editor – Yu.M. Todyka, members of the editorial board – M.I. Bazhanov, V.D. Volkov, L.K. Voronova, V.H. Honcharenko, Yu.M. Hroshevyi, I.M. Danshyn, V.V. Kopieichykov, V.V. Luts, V.K. Mamutov, M.P. Orzikh, M.I. Panov, A.I. Rohozhyn, V.F. Sirenko, V.V. Stashys, Yu.S. Shemshuchenko.

In 1993, only one issue of the Journal was published, which covered the matters of constitution making in Ukraine. It largely reflected the content of the scientific discussion on this problematics, which was held at an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. The articles of that issue contained an assessment of the published draft Constitution, as well as the summary of its national discussion (“Draft Constitution of Ukraine (General Issues)”, “Constitutional Foundations of the Legislation of Ukraine”, “On Theoretical Foundations of the Constitutional System (in accordance with the draft Constitution of Ukraine, submitted for national discussion)”, “On the Social Essence of Modern Democratic States (in connection with the draft of the new Constitution of Ukraine)”, “State Structure of Ukraine: the Concept of the Constitutional Model”, “The Constitutional Problem of Division of Power (some general theoretical aspects)”, “Constitutional and Legal Framework of the Executive Power in Ukraine”, “Problems of the Constitutional Status of Local Government”, etc.).

Since 1994, the Journal of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine has been published twice a year as a regular edition of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of July 23, 1993. The articles published in the Journal cover relevant issues of state building and lawmaking in Ukraine. Important columns of the journal were: “Problematics of State Building in Ukraine”, “Law and Ecology”, “Social Protection of Population”, “Problems of Fighting Crime”, “Matters of Procedural Law”, “Tribune of Doctoral Student”, “Author's Draft Law”, “Scientific Chronicle” and others.

Since 1997, the periodicity of the issue has been 4 issues per year, published in the Pravo Publishing House. The pages of the Journal contain information on the Academy and its scientific research institutes, scientific articles of members of the Academy and other lawyers-scientists and practitioners, reviews, results of scientific conferences and “round tables”, highlight the creative path and achievements of prominent lawyers of Ukraine.

Since 2013, the journal has been published under the title “Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine” in Ukrainian and English. The Scientific Council and the Editorial Board of the Journal include academicians, correspondents and researchers of the National Academy of Law of Ukraine, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, other educational and scientific institutions of Ukraine, as well as leading scientists from other countries, such as the USA, Japan, Federal Republic of Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of the publication is to achieve an adequate level of satisfaction of information needs in the field of law, to solve general theoretical issues of lawmaking and law enforcement, to study the problems of the history of national state formation, the theory and practice of state law of foreign countries and international law, to cover the theoretical foundations and applied aspects of the activity of public authorities and local governments.

Currently, the research priorities for publication in the Journal are as follows: legal system reforming; implementation of e-government and e-justice; use of digital technologies; current issues of migration, including migration of the elderly population; medical law issues, including those aimed at the social sphere; legal protection of investments; regulation of transnational structures activity; regulation of the status of the occupied territories, ensuring observance and protection of the rights of citizens living in these territories; legal problems of natural resources usage, renewing and protection, as well as legal issues related to global warming; the legal consequences of man-made disasters and natural disasters; legal and criminological ensuring countering corruption; regulation of legal issues of the use of firearms, including the use of firearms by law enforcement officials; legal support for the principle of gender equality in society etc.

The Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine was successfully re-registered and, in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1643 of 28.12.2019, was added to the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine, which received the category "B".

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 735 dated June 29, 2021, the Bulletin of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine was included in the List of Category "A" Scientific Professional Journals of Ukraine.