Journal NALSU №1, 2014 year

Journal NALSU №1, 2014 year

Petro M. Rabinovych

Constitutional status of human and citizen: optimization capabilities

Alexander Vitalievich Petryshyn

The Democratic Principles of Legal and Social State

Elizaveta Pavlovna Evgrafova

Issue of Truth in Legal Science and Practice

Maryna G. Khaustova

The promblems and prospects of the development of Ukrainian legal system under conditions of globalization

Elena Alexeyevna Tomkina

Morality’s principle of state authority: problem statement

Larissa Vasilyevna Tatsiy

Ethics of judge and the characteristics of its normative regulation

Anatoly Ivanovich Kozachenko

Powers of Volost Zemstvos According to «Provisional Regulations on Volost Zemstvo Board» of 1917

Victor Pavlovich Kolesnik Pavel Nikolaevich Lyubchenko

Voting and establishment of election results: problems of legal regulation

Zinoviy Stepanovich Gladun

Administrative and legal regulation relationships in the field of health protection due to the legislation of Ukraine

Anatoly V. Kostruba

Civil legal relationship in the mechanism of regulation

Dmitry Vitoldovich Zadykhailo

Separate legal challenges of optimization of legislation in sphere of economic relations

Grigory Grigorievich Moshak

Research of activity of police by the professor M. Killias and their value

Sergey Vyacheslavovich Gizimchuk Elena Sergeevna Oleinik

Subject of the crime illegal acquisition of surface soil (surface layer) of land (Art. 239 CC)

Olga Vladimirovna Us

Rules the criminal legal qualification of crimes committed in complicity

Vyacheslav Vitalyevich Vapnyarchuk

Subjects of Criminal Procedure Evidence

Vladimir Mikhailovich Trofimenko

Criminal processual procedure: concept and features

Elena Evgenievna Lutsenko

Professional ethics violation as reason for termination of labor relations with state employee

Darya Vyacheslavovna Abbakumova

Evolution of conventional powers of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Viacheslav S. Politanskyі

The right to information as a fundamental human right: the experience of developed democracies