Journal NALSU №1, 2017 year

Journal NALSU №1, 2017 year

Peter Moiseevich Rabinovych Tamara Ivanivna Dudash

Main Components of Legal Language: (General Theoretic Overview)

Viktor Nikolayevich Ermolaev

The Experience of the First National Parliament by the Estimates of Mykhailo Hrushevsky

Vyacheslav Alekseevich Rumyantsev

The Сreation of the Ukrainian Central Rada (Council) is an important milestone in the Ukrainian national-state revival

Elena Vladimirovna Zinchenko

Constitutions of Scandinavian Countries: Comparative Analysis

Alexey Veniaminovich Kresin

Theoretical and Historical Aspects of Formation of Special Scientific Picture of the World Based on Comparative Legal Studies

Vyacheslav Stanislavovich Politanskyі

Concept of information society: Theoretical аnd Legal Approach

Kristina Alekseevna Trikhleb

General Legal Terminology in the Slavic Language Group: Comparative Characteristics

Oleg Peterovich Podtserkovnyy

About Growing Trend Release of Business (Economic) Law in Legislation and Legal Education of European Countries

Nadezhda Borisovna Pysarenko

The Limits of Judicial Review With Regard to the Discretionary Administrative Acts: the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights and Ukrainian Realis

Konstantin Vladimirovich Gusarov

The Influence of Constitutional Complaint on the Finality of Judgment and Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies in Civil Procedure

Yuri Mikhailovich Zhornokui

Agreements on Corporation’s Establishment

Alexander Evgenievich Kukharev

Application of Legal Presumption in Mechanism of Legal Regulation of Heredetary Relations

Roman Ivanovich Tashian

Invalidity of Transactions and its Consequences in Civil Law of Germany

Vladimir Andreevich Zhuravel Mykhaylo V. Shepitko Galina Konstantinovna Avdeeva Sergey Vladimirovich Storozhenko

Automated Information Systems as Means of Improving the Investigation of Murders

Alexander Alekseevich Shandula

Features of Prosecutors of Military Offices of Public Prosecutorʼs Legal Status

Artem Vladimirovich Kovalenko

The Features of Tactics of Inspection of Electronic Documents During the Pretrial Investigation of Infringements on the Life and Health of a Journalist

Elena Valeryevna Levada

Legal limits as a Means of Preventing Abuse of Law (Theoretical and Legal Analysis)

Anatoly Svyatoslavovich Slipchenko

The Value of the Definition «Civil Circulation» in the Jurisprudence

Maxim Vladimirovich Shpak

Principle of Professionalism as the Basis of Qualified Legal Assistance of Lawyer in Civil Procedure