Journal NALSU №1, 2018 year

Journal NALSU №1, 2018 year

Yuliia V. Bohach

Protection means of trademarks in ambush marketing cases

Mariana D. Pleniuk Andrii B. Hryniak

The legal nature of risk in contract work

Olena V. Zinchenko

Peculiarities of arab monarchies forms of government (comparative analysis)

Vladimir E. Kirichenko

Church-state relations in the context of religious heresy

Tatiana V. Komarova

Organization of the judicial system of the European Union

Anatoly V. Kostruba

Theoretical understanding of the system of legal forms of protection of corporate relations

Natalia N. Onishchenko Natalia S. Kuznetsova

The role of the legal initiative in the establishment of civil society

Nadiia B. Pysarenko

The rule of law in administrative proceedings: from the doctrinal idea to practical implementation

Oleg P. Podtserkovny

The experience of specialization of economic (commercial) jurisdiction in Ukraine and Western countries

Viacheslav S. Politanskyі

Innovative legal views regarding stages of development of e-governance

Iurii I. Usmanov

The problem of targeted killings in international humanitarian law

Maryna G. Khaustova

Legal integration: the theoretical aspect

Ganna O. Khrystova

Human rights obligations of a state in situation of occupation

Vitaliy L. Yarotskiy

Private legal enforcement in civil protective legal relations