Journal NALSU №1, 2020 year

Journal NALSU №1, 2020 year

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(1).2020

Sergey M. Gusarov

Certain aspects of state service reform

Tatyana V. Bodnar

Some problem aspects of implementation and protection of property rights of spouses

Yurii M. Zhornokui Svyatoslav A. Slipchenko

Reasons for the emergence, change and termination of corporate legal relations

Nataliіa V. Fedorchenko Volodymyr K. Fedorchenko

Fostering legal culture in tourism specialists

Anna V. Churpita

Some aspects of the court protection of family rights and interests

Yuri O. Zaika

Directions of updating the inheritance legislation of Ukraine

Natalia S. Kuznetsova Oleksiy O. Kot Andrii B. Hryniak Mariana D. Pleniuk

Abolition of the commercial code of Ukraine: potential consequences and necessary prerequisites

Svitlana S. Bychkova

Legal regulation of foster care of children in Ukraine: gaps and conflicts

Olga I. Tyshchenko Ivan A. Titko

Features of application of precautionary measures for persons suffering from mental disorders: national dimension

Volodymyr A. Zhuravel

Criminalistics’ language: concept-terminological apparatus formation

Iryna A. Dikovska

Modern approaches to private international law and conflicting provisions on legal aid in civil cases

Anatolii P. Getman

Human life and health as an object of environmental law in the globalised world