Journal NALSU №1, 2022 year

Journal NALSU №1, 2022 year

Petro M. Rabinovych Tamara Ivanivna Dudash

Legal argumentation: some general theoretical aspects

Evgeniy Anatolevich Getman Anastasiya Muslimovna Mernik Roman V. Shapoval

Relative human rights in the context of special legal regimes

Vladimir Dmitrievich Goncharenko Denis A. Shygal Aisel A. Omarova

Legal status of the union republics during the perestroika (1985-1991)

Anatoliy Fedorovich Kryzhanovskiy Irena A. Balzhyk

Conceptualization of the church legal order in the modern state

Vasyl I. Shakun Valerii M. Heiets Olena M. Borodina

Ensuring human rights in land relations: socio-economic and legal principles

Oleg Nikolaevich Yaroshenko Svitlana M. Synchuk Nataliia M. Radanovych

General legal type of legal regulation and practice of the Supreme Court in Ukraine: features of objectification

Oleksandr M. Bukhanevych Alla M. Ivanovska Vyacheslav A. Kyrylenko

Legal nature and the ratio of the categories "public authority", "public administration" and "public administration" in the modern doctrine of administrative law

Ruslan O. Stefanchuk Danylo O. Hetmantsev Zoriana M. Toporetska

Models of public management of gambling business in the world

Oleksandr V. Dzera Maryna M. Velykanova Marianna S. Bilenko

Revision of approaches to the institute of civil liability in the process of recoding the Civil Code of Ukraine

Mykhaylo V. Shulga Tetiana V. Lisova

Some topical issues of legal support for land restoration

Mikhail Mikhailovich Buromensky Anton O. Monaienko Natalia I. Atamanchuk

Harmonization of Ukrainian legislation on excise taxation of alcoholic beverages with the law of the European Union

Оlena V. Kokhanovska Valentyn O. Bazhanov

Agreement on the creation and custom use of the object of intellectual property rights