Journal NALSU №2, 2015 year

Journal NALSU №2, 2015 year

Petro M. Rabinovych Solomiya Bogdanovna Tsebenko

Human Rights in the Modern Orthodox Interpretation (in the Light of International Standards)

Vladimir Dmitrievich Goncharenko

Constitutional Construction in Ukraine during the New Economic Policy (1921–1929)

Dmitry Vasilievich Lukyanov

Legal System as an Object of Comparative Legal Research: According to the System’s Theory

Marianna Ivanovna Lyubchenko

Language and Law: Issue of Correlation

Vasily Yakovlevich Nastyuk Victoria Viktorovna Belevtseva

Political and Legal Problems of Counteraction to Corruption in Ukraine

Oleg Alexandrovich Peterishin Ilona Vladimirovna Garashchuk

Organizational and Functional Local Self-government Reforms in the Baltic Countries

Lyubomir I. Letnyanchin Alexander Vitalievich Chenikayev

ChenykayevA. Actual Problems in Application Legislation Ukraine Cabout Military-Administrative Offenses: Constitutional Aspect

Alexander Evgenievich Kukharev

The Essence of Hereditary Transmission in Inheritance Law of Ukraine

Nikolai Vasilyevich Rishnyak

Principles of Law in the Activities of the National Mediation and Reconciliation Service

Vladimir Vasilievich Golina Maxim Gennadievich Kolodyazhny

World Crime: Modern Trends and Strategies of Counteraction

Lyudmila N. Demidova

Incorporeal Thing as a Subject of Crime

Ivan A. Titko

Some Questions of the Legal Nature of the Private Prosecution Institute in Criminal Proceedings

Vera Alekseevna Vozna

Activities of the Local Government Entities in the Field: Improvement of Legislative Security

Irina Vladimirovna Mukomela

Information Society and its Characteristics: Theoretically-Legal Aspect

Alina Alexandrovna Murticheva

The General Characteristic of the Constitutional Basis of Liability of Government in the EU Member-Countries