Journal NALSU №2, 2017 year

Journal NALSU №2, 2017 year

Petro M. Rabinovych

Outstanding National Legal Theorist (on the Occasion of 110th Anniversary of the Birth of prof P. Nedbaylo)

Vyacheslav Alekseevich Rumyantsev

Structure, Organizational and Law Forms of Activity of Ukrainian Central Rada

Tanel Kerikmäe Peeter Müürsepp Sandra Särav Archil Chochia

Ethical Lawyer or Moral Computer – Historical and Contemporary Discourse on Incredulity between the Human and a Machine

Maryna G. Khaustova

International standards in the context of Eurointegration processes in Ukraine

Ganna O. Khrystova

On a State’s Positive Obligations in Situation of Armed Conflict and Temporarily Loss of Control Over Part of Its Territory

Viacheslav S. Politanskyі

Information Society: Challenges for Legal Regulations

Vasily Vasilievich Lemak Alexander Vitalievich Petryshyn

The Constitutional Complaint in Ukraine: Problems of Implementation Mechanism

Sergey Anatolyevich Fedchyshyn

State Administration of Foreign Affairs in Scientific Views of Pre-revolutionary Scientists in the Field of Administrative (Police) Law

Tatyana V. Bodnar

Realization by the Married Couples of Right of General Joint Ownership

Evgeny Alexandrovich Michurin

Civics in the Сontemporary Jurisprudence

Mariana D. Pleniuk

Legal Facts in the Mechanism of Civil-legal Obligations Regulation

Volodymyr A. Zhuravel

The System of Criminology: Traditional Approaches and Innovative Suggestions

Oksana Vasilevna Pchelina

Identity of the Offender as an Element of Criminalistical Characteristic of Crimes in the Sphere of Service Activity

Mykhaylo V. Shepitko

Concept and Types of Crimes against Justice by Criminal Law of Different Countries

Yana Anatolyevna Pavka

Treaty Mechanism of International Legal Regulation of Cooperation among States in the Arctic Region

Natalia Vasilyevna Popovych

Concept of «law»: Traditional Approaches аnd Innovations

Sergey Stanislavovich Savchuk

Contemporary Legal Mechanisms of Сontrol in Banking

Lilia Sergeevna Tertyshnaya

The Complex Nature оf State Regional Policy (Economic аnd Legal Aspects)