Journal NALSU №2, 2018 year

Journal NALSU №2, 2018 year

Maxim M. Sheverdin

Historical and legal analysis of the direct mechanism taxation in the 90-s XX cent. in Ukraine

Yulia V. Tishchenko

Legal myths and mythologems of jurisprudence

Tetiana H. Fomina

Personal obligation: procedural characteristics and practice of application

Olena I. Reznikova Svitlana V. Davidenko

Introducing an international judiciary institution of ukraine’s international contribution of Ukraine’s jurisdiction as a case of review of judicial solutions in exceptional circumstances in criminal proceedings

Volodymyr V. Nosik

Issues of legislative support of legal use of farming lands in collective ownership in Ukraine

Oleksiy O. Kot

Protection of subjective civil rights in the mechanism of legal regulation

Olena V. Zinchenko

Forms of government in European microstates (comparative analysis)

Roman A. Maydanyk

Virtual currency in the civil law of Ukraine: state, trends, perspectives

Volodymyr V. Luts

Phenomenon of contract in civil law

Оlena V. Kokhanovska

The civil law norm as a universally binding rule of conduct, as information and the result of creativily

Anatoly V. Kostruba Mykhailo M. Khomenko

Development trends of the private law of France

Svitlana S. Bychkova Anna V. Churpita

Relationship between the rules of family law and the procedural form of non-recourse civil proceedings