Journal NALSU №2, 2022 year

Journal NALSU №2, 2022 year

Alexander Vitalievich Petryshyn Viacheslav S. Politanskyі Artem S. Samorodov

Electronic document system in the activities of the countries of the European Union

Vladimir Grigorievich Pylypchuk Oleksandr A. Baranov Oleg Sergeevich Gilyaka

The problem of legal regulation in the field of artificial intelligence in the context of the development of the legislation of the European Union

Oleh V. Zaichuk Volodymyr I. Korol Volodymyr I. Nahnybida

Recent approaches to the regulation of digital law aspects in EU legislation and prospects for Ukraine

Valerii V. Sokurenko Yuliia O. Zahumenna

Discourse on public security in some european political and legal teachings of the middle ages

Anastasiya Muslimovna Mernik Olena V. Zinchenko

Theoretical and legal aspect of restriction of human rights in the conditions of special legal regimes

Anatoliy M. Kolodiy Viktoriia M. Ternavska Anatolii H. Lapko

Еthical and legal principles of remote teaching the legal disciplines in the aspect of reform of legal education

Andrii B. Hryniak Nadiia V. Milovska

Improvement of the mechanism of legislative definition of the legal consequences of refusal to accept an inheritance

Iryna O. Dzera

Тheoretical and practical problems of invalidity of a will as a method of defence of the rights of heirs

Mykola P. Kucheryavenko Yevhen M. Smychok Serhii V. Broiakov

Legal nature of decisions of local councils on establishment of local taxes and fees: the problem of assignment to regulatory acts

Oleksandr M. Bandurka Stanislav V. Vasiliev Viktor V. Lazariev

Legal enforcement of the european union legislation implementation on the creation of innovative medicines

Vasily Yakovlevich Nastyuk Inesa V. Kostenko Victoria Viktorovna Belevtseva

Legal regime of production and use space resources

Nataliia R. Malysheva Oksana Maryanovna Vinnik

Ecology, economy, digitalization: legal problems of interaction

Oleksandr D. Krupchan Yurii P. Burylo Oleksandr О. Gaydulin

Harmonization of the Ukrainian food safety control legislation with the EU law

Mykola I. Panov Sergiy A. Kharytonov

Сomparative legal analysis of foreign criminal legislation on liability for theft with penetration into housing

Olha H. Shylo Nataliia V. Hlynska

Рroblems of legal regulation of deviation from the conclusion, expressed in the ruling of the Supreme Court (in the context of application of the criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine)

Volodymyr A. Zhuravel Artem Vladimirovich Kovalenko

Еxamination of evidence in criminal proceedings as a component of the proof process