Journal NALSU №3, 2014 year

Journal NALSU №3, 2014 year

Petro M. Rabinovych Bogdana Peterovna Ratushnya

General theoretical problems of the right to adequate proof in the Ukrainian judicial system (in the light of the practice Court of Strasbourg)

Oleh Z. Pankevych

Prohibition of discrimination: some theoretical and philosophical and legal aspects of interpretation (based on the European Court of Human Rights)

Dmitry Anatolyevich Gudyma

Some Issues of the Right to Legal Assistance in Criminal Proceedings (in the Light of European Standards)

Vladimir Grigorievich Pylypchuk Alexander Peterovich Dzoban

The Global calls and threats of national safety in an informative sphere

Ivan Vasilievich Yakovyuk

The European Council: evolution of legal status

Elizaveta Pavlovna Evgrafova

Issues of Legal Organization of state power in the context of constitutional reform in Ukraine

Vladimir Dmitrievich Goncharenko

Legislative bodies of Ukraine during the New Economic Policy

Vyacheslav Alekseevich Rumyantsev Olga Vadimovna Sereda

Independence and level arrangement of the judiciary for judicial reform in 1864 (up to the 150th anniversary of the judicial reform of 1864)

Vladimir E. Kirichenko Alexander Nazarovich Yarmysh

The External Factors in the Constitutional Construction

Lyubomir I. Letnyanchin

Restriction of passive suffrage: the problems of constitutionality

Natalia Anatolievna Mariniv

Tax accounting as a way to implement tax control

Vladimir Vasilievich Golina

Conviction and Society

Grigory Grigorievich Moshak

Investigation and prevention of police officers’ illegal actions in the works written by Prof. Т . Feltes (Germany)

Ivan A. Titko

The unity of the legal nature of the institute of bargains in private and public subsystems of law in Ukraine

Roman Vladimirovich Budetsky

Features of management justice in the United States of America organization and legal aspect

Oleg Sergeevich Gilyaka

Legal document: features and legislative regulation

Julia Viktorovna Kalinichenko

The issue of defining the group and direct objects of deliberately false reporting crime (Art. 383 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)