Journal NALSU №3, 2018 year

Journal NALSU №3, 2018 year

Petro M. Rabinovych

World manifest of the human rights being humanism (to the 70-th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of human rights proclamation)

Lukás Cisko

Hierarchy of application of sources of law in private law codes – considerations of the use of analogy de lege ferenda

Anna M. Nakonechna

International billion on human right through of the prize of need approach

Serhii P. Rabinovych

Human rights restrictionsin the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: legal and aesthetica spects

Oleh Z. Pankevych

The nature of collective human rights and their relationship with individual rights (in the light of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sviatoslav P. Dobrianskiy

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – precursor of the charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union

Olena I. Reznikova

Return of assets received after crimes in the criminal proceedings:current state and international experience


Modern multi-source legal system and atypical sources of law

Viktoriia O. Khomenko

Transfer of a debt in company reorganization

Boris Volodymyrovich Babin

Human rights defence activities of the mission of the President of Ukraine in the autonomous republic of crimea

VladlenV. Silko

The situation of crime committing as an element of the criminalistic characteristics of the illegal mining of amber

Sergiy A. Kharytonov

Blanket dispositions of military crimes: problems of qualifications

Bohdan I. Andrusyshyn Olha V. Tokarchuk

The ukrainian legal education and science in the european measurement: the ukrainian higher education institutions in Czechoslovakia the 20–40th of the XX century

Yuriy D. Prytyka

Online-arbitration: the concept, signs and perspectives of implementation in Ukraine

Viacheslav S. Politanskyі

Contents of electronic governance

Konstantin V. Gusarov

Features of determination of judicial jurisdiction in disputes about the appeal of action (inaction) of the state registration

Anatoly V. Kostruba

Commodity securities as an object of civilian relationships

Sergiy I. Maksymov

The Trail of Socrates: searching new answers for eternal questions