Journal NALSU №3, 2020 year

Journal NALSU №3, 2020 year

Doi: 10.37635/jnalsu.27(3).2020

Natalia S. Kuznetsova Viktoriia O. Khomenko

Pro-subjective enterprise concept

Valentina I. Borisova Larysa V. Krasytska

Alimony obligations of family members in the family law of Ukraine: problematic issues of theory and practice

Vitalii Y. Urkevych

Renewal of the land lease agreement: problems of theory and judicial practice

Kseniia V. Smyrnova

Dispute settlement mechanisms provided by the association agreements concluded by the European Union with third countries

Ivan R. Kalaur Nadiya B. Moskaliuk

Current features of the application of civil law methods for protection of state property rights under the crisis of international public law

Iryna O. Dzera

Theoretic and practical aspects of protection of the right of ownership in the hereditary relations

Iryna Ya. Senyuta

Modern civilistic instruments of medical reform: issues of law implementation and law enforcement

Olha H. Shylo Nataliia V. Hlynska

The role of the Supreme Court in the mechanism of ensuring the sustainability and unity of judicial practice: some aspects

Volodymyr A. Zhuravel

Crime mechanism as a category of criminalistics