Journal NALSU №3, 2022 year

Journal NALSU №3, 2022 year

Anatoliy M. Kolodiy Serhii O. Khaliuk

Disciplinary powers of the Supreme Council of Judiciary in Ukraine and corresponding bodies in foreign countries: a comparative analysis

Bohdan V. Shchur Iryna V. Basysta

Court proceeding in a video-conference mode and broadcasting it from other rooms, including those outside the court premises: specific approaches for understanding and the problems of implementation

Victoria I. Sheverdina

On the issue of distinguishing responsibility in labor law and responsibility for violations of labor law

Sergii M. Prylipko Illia V. Kolosov Viktoriia V. Viennikova

Trade unions in North America and Australia: mainly features, impact and role in social dialogue’s maintaining

Oksana Maryanovna Vinnik Tetiana G. Popovych Bogdan V. Derevyanko

Regulation of digital economy relations: certain aspects

Оleg V. Sinegubov

Insolvency of natural persons: criteria of searching for effectiveness in bankruptcy procedures

Anatolii S. Dovgert Gennadii A. Tsirat

Current issues of codification of private international law and international civil prosedure

Vitaliy L. Yarotskiy Victoria Valentinovna Nadyan Marija V. Mendzhul

Legal conflicts of application of turnover technology by foreigners in Ukraine and ways to overcome them

Mykola P. Kucheryavenko Iryna M. Bondarenko Serhii V. Broiakov

Tax as a systematic government institution or possible consequences of neglecting «tax law»

Alexander Vitalievich Petryshyn Tetyana Ye. Kaganovska Oleksandr S. Perederii

Transformation of the legal culture of society in Ukraine under the influence of the processes of european integration

Victor Pavlovich Kolesnik Hryhorii V. Berchenko Tetyana M. Slinko

Constitutional identity as the constituent power embodiment

Petro M. Rabinovych Tamara Ivanivna Dudash

Arguments in legal argumentation: some theoretical aspects

Halyna V. Lavryk

Rule of law under conditions promoting prevention of unwarranted infringement on human rights by authorities

Petro M. Rabinovych Serhii P. Rabinovych Oleh Z. Pankevych

The search for the rule of law as a balance of social interests