Journal NALSU №4, 2015 year

Journal NALSU №4, 2015 year

Petro M. Rabinovych

Biosocial essence of fundamental human rights

Ilya Dmitrievich Shutak

Conceptual considerations for implementing subject «Legal technique»

Irina Anatolievna Sokolova

Publicly-Legal Regime as a Legal Category: a General Characteristic, Signs and Kinds

Vladimir Anatolyevich Ustimenko Gennady Gennadievich Nesterov

Partnership Between Business and Government in the Context of Enhancing the Business Internally Displaced Persons: the Powers of Local Authorities

Vasily Yakovlevich Tatsiy Vladimir Ilyich Tyutyugin Yuri Anatolyevich Ponomarenko

The Problems of Stability and Dynamism of the Contempopary Criminal Law of Ukraine

Vladimir Mikhailovich Trofimenko

The Problem of Correlation of Criminal Procedural Form and Formalism

Alexey Yurievich Bruslik

The Influence of United Kingdom’s Membership of the EU on the Competence of British Parliament

Ekaterina Evgenevna Danshina

Features of Legal Regulation of Wages in the Farms

Maxim Leonidovich Sereda

The Correlation Between the Right on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Related Rights