Journal NALSU №4, 2017 year

Journal NALSU №4, 2017 year

Oleh V. Muza

Correlation of public and private interests in the sphere of ensuring the right to access public information

Mykhaylo V. Shepitko

International legal acts’ impact on the content of crimes against justice

Hans-Joachim Schramm

Requirements to judgment rationale on the example of judgment of kyiv economic court of appeal

Andriy A. Vozniuk

Types of organized criminal associations in the criminal legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries

Anatoly V. Kostruba

State in the system of subjects of civil law of Ukraine

Denis A. Shygal

Formation of source base of the comparative historical and legal research: issues of methodology

Yevgen Yu. Barash

Influence of criminality on providing social security

Valentin P. Barbara

Civil-legal nature of corporate legal relations in Ukraine: problematical issues

Lyubomir I. Letnyanchin

Direct action of norms of the constitution of Ukraine: from principle to practical application

Svitlana V.Kachurova Olena P.Nevelska‑Hordieieva

Logical and methodical analysis of TGELC tasks

Vyacheslav Alekseevich Rumyantsev

Proclamation of independence of Ukrainian National Republic (100 years of Fourth Universal)

Vladislav V. Andreitsev

Economic activity related with objects of increased danger, as a subject of state control (supervision)

Jörg Poodle

Constitutional complaint (German & French models)

Milena Slaveykova-Rukova

Influence of the european court of human rights decisions on the norma-forming and judicial practice (experience of Bulgaria)

Nataliia M. Parkhomenko

Review of the individual monograph by A. Streltsova "Constitutionalization of the process of Ukraine's association with the European Union: Theory and practice"