Journal NALSU №4, 2018 year

Journal NALSU №4, 2018 year

Susanna Pashaeva

Innovative forms of the civil law relations’ implementation in the structure of the intellectual property right protection

Markiyan S. Fedorenko

Opening of criminal proceedings and beginning an investigation of excess of power or personal authority by law enforcement officers

Denis A. Shygal

Hermeneutic analysis of comparative historical and legal research sources

Alexey А. Kolodiy

Prorerty rights of the ukrainian people

Evgeny E. Borysov

The UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: mechanisms of derogation from commitments

Anna M. Gnizdovskaya

Some issues related to the applicability the civil liability in the arena of professional football

Yuliia O. Тolmachevska Maxim O. Tkalich

Esport: problems of the legal regulation

Anatoly V. Kostruba

General provisions on succession in the civil law of Ukraine

Bohdan V. Fasii

Problems with the application of sports legislation

Svyatoslav A. Slipchenko Alexander R. Shishka

Posthumous organ donation: at the way of creation of a national legal approach

Mykola V. Matiiko

State awards sports, sports titles, sports events, awards sports competitions as an objects of sports law

Maxim O. Tkalich

Modern sport as a sphere of private law regulation

Natalіya O. Tyschuk

Civil liability for damage of life and health in sports relations

Mariia A. Tikhonova

On the definition of the concepts of “physical culture” and “sport”

Еvgen O. Kharitonov Olena I. Kharytonova

Sports relations and civil legal relations: the question of subjective composition

Kateryna G. Nekit Andriy I. Gavrylenko

Legal regulation of property relations in the spere of construction and exploitation of sports facilities

Oleksiy M. Lytvynov

Current edition of the criminal executive law