Journal NALSU №4, 2019 year

Journal NALSU №4, 2019 year

Yevgen Yu. Barash Anastasiia O. Samosonok

Socio-legal analysis of the imposition of heavy terms of imprisonment as an alternative to life imprisonment

Mariana D. Pleniuk Andrii B. Hryniak

Compensation for non-pecuniary damage for breach of private obligations

Sviatoslav P. Dobrianskiy

Legal security of human rights in the European Union: current stance and perspectives of development

Alexey B. Bondarev Evgeny A. Pak Farkhad S. Karagussov

Basics and prospects of introducing the institution of class (group) action in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Viktor S. Novozhylov

Due process in code enforcement as criminal procedural task: to the issue on essence and practical use

Anna Z. Ogneviuk

Legal certainty and inadmissibility of double jeopardy: issues of theory and practice

Oleh Z. Pankevych

Multiculturalism as a political and legal concept

Serhii P. Rabinovych

Constitution revision and revolutionary constituent power: political and legal strategies for legitimizing changes to the fundamental law of the state

Natalia I. Satokhina

Postmetaphysical thinking in law: an example of a hermeneutical philosophy

Anatolii M. Stativka

The application of some protective ecological measures in agricultural production under EU legislation

Yana O. Trynova

Relationship between natural law and bioehtics

Svitlana L. Sharenko

General approaches to characterizing the structural elements of the jurisdiction of an investigating judge in criminal proceedings

Mykhaylo V. Shepitko

Automation of judicial decision-making upon criminal offense classification and sentencing

Volodymyr M. Yermolenko Olena V. Gafurova

Review of a textbook on agrarian law