• ukrainian;
  • russian;
  • english;

MS Word (*.doc)




3000 – 5000 words

  • in Ukrainian and English;
  • in Ukrainian language – 1800 characters incl. spaces and key words;
  • in English – length of abstract 100 – 300 words;

4-6 words

2 сm




designed pursuant to АРА 6th edition style

  • high quality (600 dpi for table and 300 dpi for coloured and black-and-white pictures);
  • numbering according to the text;
  • submitted attached as a separate file;
  • signature at the top;
  • alignment – justified;
  • continuous numeration through the text;
  • performed in Microsoft equation (word) macros;
  • shall include Latin symbols only;
  • shall be aligned indicating formula number;
  • continuous numeration through the text

UDK index shall be specified at the beginning of the article to the left

  • information about the author:
    in the beginning of the article: full name, degree, academic title, position
  • title of the article shall be centered and bolded
  • introduction - at least 5 references
  • materials and methods (if the article is experimental) or methodological framework (if the article is theoretical). literature review chapter is acceptable (optional)
  • results
  • discussions. researches who studied this problem shall be indicated together with the studied facet of the problem. statement of the novelty of the study is required.
  • conclusion
  • recommendations. for whom this article is of value.