Aims and Scope

The Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine is a specialized peer-reviewed publication that publishes high-quality, theoretically substantiated scientific articles of topical subject-matter in the field of legal sciences, in particular research materials on the issues of legal regulation in the sphere of European integration processes, as well as legislative proposals, which are formed with consideration of world practices and national traditions.

To ensure a high intellectual scientific level of the articles, an editorial board is created, including lawyers from Ukraine, France, Romania, Moldova, the USA, Latvia, Germany, Poland and other countries. In general, the editors of the Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences give preference to articles containing innovative ideas rather than common knowledge.

Within the framework of the general research problematics, the following areas are recognized as the most relevant for publication:

  1. reforming the legal system of Ukraine in the context of national and international tendencies of developming a legal and social state;
  2. issues of adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the acquis communautaire of the European Union;
  3. issues of ensuring information security of the state, protection of personal data, information with limited access, counteraction to negative information influences;
  4. prospects for development and issues of e-governance and justice improvement;
  5. application of digital technologies (digital currency, smart contracts, blockchain technologies, etc.);
  6. legal support of the principles of age, gender, racial, religious equality, equality of social minorities in society, as well as protection of human and citizen rights in all spheres of public life;
  7. legal evaluation of migration processes and their consequences, including migration of the population belonging to the “third age” group;
  8. legal protection of investments and issues of creation of attractive investment climate;
  9. regulating the activities of transnational structures and corporations against the background of society's attitude towards oligarchic and monopoly structures and ensuring a favorable competitive environment;
  10. issues of medical law, including those aimed at the social sphere (medical support for people with disabilities, elderly people, other socially vulnerable categories);
  11. regulation of the status of the occupied territories, ensuring observance and protection of the rights of citizens residing in these territories;
  12. issues of use, reproduction and protection of natural resources and ecosystems;
  13. addressing issues connected with the effects of global warming, man-made disasters and natural disasters in the legal field;
  14. statutory support for regulation of the agricultural land market;
  15. legal and criminological support for combating corruption;
  16. streamlining legal issues regarding the use of firearms (especially those related to the creation of illegal armed groups, their disarmament, ungrouping and state control).

The Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences is a platform for the exchange of views and a discussion platform in a scientifically sound (but somewhat provocative) perspective on topical and pressing issues of modern legislation and legal practice. Original scientific articles, analytical and review materials, book/journal reviews of experts in the field of legal theory and practicing lawyers are welcome for publication.

Journal of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine does not charge for online-subscription, submission, processing or publication of manuscripts, nor for color reproduction of photographs.